SEC Periodic Lecture Meeting (29th September, 2012)

2012year Second Periodic Lecture

2012year Second Periodic Lecture Meeting by Mr. Eric Borner


Finally you will be able to receive the serious information about Europe and personal asset management from Mr. Eric Borner, Senior Vice-Presidents of Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild Ltd, Geneva, Switzerland.

The lecturer of Mr. Eric Borner is going to be cosponsored by Sophia Executive Club(SEC) and Sophia University Alumni Association(SUAA) in the 17th floor international conference room of Sophia University #2 building on 29th, September 2012.


" What went wrong in Europe ? Dose strong currency really matter?  

And What is in store for Europe, and its outlook ?

----Stick with which currency: Euro, Swiss Franc, US dollar or Yen in your personal asset management ? "


These questions will be vigorously discussed on September 29th at the international conference hall at Sophia University.

Sophia Executive Club and Sophia University Alumni Association proudly present

Mr. Eric Borner, Senior Vice-Presidents of Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild Ltd, Geneva, SwitzerlandHe will talk on currencies and business cycles, and its outlook for Europe which might give us some deep analytical insights on what went wrong in Japan battling deflation for right over two decades.

His talk includes how the Rothschild emerged 400 years ago in Europe and their passion, vision, business conduct, and why they are so much different from most of major existing banks around the globe.

These topics are very timely to pay close attention today and perhaps tomorrow for hinting some innovative ideas in your personal life-living. The Euro crisis today is not going to drive you off but will definitely give an impact on your personal asset management and life directly and/or indirectly.  Pls. sign up now and join us for this special lecture sponsored by Sophia Executive Club and Sophia Univ. Alumni Association.                  





Details as follows:


Date  : Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Time  : 14:00-15:30

Venue: Sophia University #2 Building, 17th floor International Conference Room

Fee for Sophians and students


Reception: 15:45-17:00

Venue: Sophia University #2 Building, 5th floor "Marche"  

Sophians Lecture reception \4,000

students Lecture reception  Free


Profile of Mr. Eric Borner



・University Degree in Economics (1983)    University of Geneva, Switzerland
・Chartered European Financial Analyst (1993)


  Managing Director, Deputy Group Head, Asia Team   1997 to present

・Crédit Lyonnais Bank, Geneva, Switzerland                       1994 to 1996

・Bankers' Trust Bank, Geneva, Switzerland                            1989 to 1993

Chase Manhattan Bank, Geneva, Switzerland                        1985 to 1989



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