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                                                                   Schedule for 2012
For your application, please make a contact with
Ms. Cynthia Jean Connelly (1984, Faculty of Foreign Studies) 

together with Application Form.

Mission Statement  and Schedule for 2012 are as follows,


Dear Alumni:

Our Alma Mater, Sophia University's legacy is rooted on the pursuit of a global perspective in education of multicultural framework based on the discipline of " Roman Catholic Humanism".  This unique characteristic based on Jesuit foundation is not found in other universities anywhere in Japan and we have produced many talented alumni who play a leading role in today's Japanese businesses worldwide in various fields and industries.


The recent acceleration in globalization, the rapid change and momentum in the businesses worldwide is apparent.  Now than ever, the innovation, imagination, and the knowledge by people of all ages in various sectors of businesses must be instilled to further enhance the advancement of the Japanese economy.


I have contemplated this thought deeply for some time and tentatively initiated the "Keishukai Management Club" last year in order to assist us toward a new challenge by further exchanging ideas and thoughts; strengthening our potential capability to serve in today's business community.

To recollect, the "Keishukai" is the Sophia Economics Department Alumni, a part of the Sophia Alumni Association which was established at about the same time as the start of our university.    Now than ever, I strongly feel that it is the right time to take this one step further and establish the "Sophia Executive Club", beyond the different departments and to form an organization for all Sophia business professionals.


Sophia Executive Club will consist of number of committees and each club committee will draw up a plan, which will be discussed within the board of directors.  Each club committee will agree upon various plans which will then be executed via the club member participation.  


As part of our activities, there will be various lectures with timely topics by prominent business professionals, workshops, and some entertainment activities, such as golf and some seasonal events to encourage club members' mutual friendships.


会長  濱口 敏行

Toshiyuki Hamaguchi, Chairman

Sophia Executive Club

(translated  from Mr. Hamaguchi's letter)


Schedule for 2012



  • 講演会・懇親会